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  • Get Involved

    get-involvedThere are many ways to be involved in Sail Training. Often the first experience is taking part in a typical voyage as a trainee. For others it is looking for a new sailing challenge or adventure.

    The UK fleet operate with a mix of paid and volunteers staff. The exact make up of the staff on each vessel varies from organisation, but all require professionally qualified staff (whether they are paid or not) and other supporting roles such as Cooks, Youth Mentors or Engineers.

    Non-sailing staff are just as important. Many organisations have volunteer support groups or look for people to help in specific projects such as attending boat shows or refit work.

    This section should help you to indenify how best you should be involved.

    Follow the links to read about Jobs, Volunteering, or simply finding the right vessel for your adventure afloat.get-invloved2