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30 people were rescued from the dutch brig 'Astrid' after she ran aground off the south coast of Ireland on Wednesday 24th July. The RNLI and the Irish Coastguard mounted a major rescue to ensure all 23 trainees and 7 sea staff were evacuated safely. It appears the brig suffered engine trouble and was unable to stop herself drifting ashore in the strong onshore winds. A spokesman for Irish Sail Training said 'The captain reacted extremely swiftly in sending out his Mayday signal. This resulted in the Coastguard arriving on the scene within 10 minutes.'

The Irish Coastguard and the RNLI have been praised for their efforts in ensuring the safety of all on board.

Many will fondly remember 'Astrid' for being based in Weymouth and involved in Sail Training for many years. She has now been under dutch ownership for about 7 years. It is as yet unclear whether the vessel can be salvaged.