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Sail Training Conferences

UK Sail Training Conference 2014

The 5th UK Sail Training Conference was held on Friday 24 January 2014

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The 5th UK Sail Training conference took place on the 24th January 2014 with over 130 delegates from all but four ASTO member organisations attending. Where available, a summary of the presentations is included below.

Photographs of the conference are available on Facebook here. You do not need to have a FB account to view these. You can share them on social media but please contact ASTO if you'd like to use them for any other purpose. Higher res versions are available.


Session Choices

Maritime Labour Convention - Compliance and Inspection

Matt Giacomini and David Ralph from the MCA outlined the new MLC regulations. There are still some questions to be answered and ASTO will continue to work with the members and the MCA to resolve the issues.

Bas Edmonds from the RYA (as certifying authority) explained how they intend to inspect compliance with the MLC. 

MCA presentation

RYA presentation

In addition there is an online tool for creating documentation that complies with MLC, please contact ASTO for details.


Citizen Science - How Sail Trainers can help measure plankton levels

Dr Richard Kirby from Plymouth University talks about a fun and easy way to get involved in plankton research. This can be easily done on Sail Training vessels and could add another aspect to trainees' time on board.

Secchi Disk Project website

International Exchange

Past exchange trainees talk about their time in Canada and Australia and how other nations do Sail Training.

Emma Harley's Exchange report (Australia)

Robbie Crow's Exchange report (Canada)


Measuring Social Return on Investment and using the results

How to use the established SROI method to put a value on Sail Training outcomes, and how this could be used for marketing and fundraising (speaker Dr Jenny Rouse, nef consulting)

SROI presentation

Guide to SROI

Guide to measuring wellbeing

Guide to measuring attribution


Teachers at Sea

Ben Swain and Kirsty French explore ways of getting teachers involved in Sail Training, through linking what is taught in the classroom with the experience on board.

Teachers at Sea presentation


Youth Forum for Sail Trainers under 26 and young board members

Robbie Crow from OYT Scotland and the International Youth Forum will talk about their work, and how youth groups can get involved. 

Sharing good practice 

Open session to discuss issues like winter maintenance, and/or sharing lessons from incidents.

Trinity Sailing Winter Maintenance programme presented by Nick Legg.