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Membership Criteria

Memorandum and Articles of Association


Compliance declaration form - Members need to complete and send this together with their membership fee at the beginning of each year.

RYA/ASTO scheme (RGN 1 Annex 10) 

RYA Declaration - complete this and the RYA Vessel checklist annually and return to ASTO if you are using the RYA/ASTO scheme

 RYA Vessel checklist  


Following an interesting workshop at the ASTO conference on trustees’ responsibilities in the Sail Training sector, ASTO is undertaking a review of members’ ways of dealing with legal and regulatory compliance. Trustees are responsible for the proper administration of a charity. We ask that the Chairman of your organisation or other suitable trustee please complete this short questionnaire.

Questionnaire for Trustees of Sail Training Organisations






Trustees Annual Reports