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Modern Rigged Vessels

Rona II under sail

rona ii by maxImage courtesy of MAX

Bermudan ketch
   Length:  21 metres
   Year:  1990
   Home port:  Southampton
   Cruising area:  South coast England,
Cross Channel 
   Voyage duration:  6 days
Rona Sailing Projectrona trust

Tel: 01489 885098
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Other vessels operated:  Merrilyn, Donald Searle

Every year the RSP takes around a thousand people to sea for a week of sailing adventure.  Most have little or no sailing experience but nearly all find it life-changing. We use the sea because it is an unforgiving environment that provides a sense of risk and adventure and running a large sailing vessel requires hard physical teamwork, both above and below deck. 

At the end of a week's Sail Training you will have an amazing sense of achievement and self-confidence.  You will have developed your teamwork and leadership skills and discovered the value of co-operation over conflict.  We also specialise in offering a number of voyages for people with sight or hearing disabilities.