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Proceeds from this great new book go towards bursary funding to enable more people to take part in Sail Training.

"This type of residential is a very effective tool in engaging young people to work as a team. Team-work is the key to success on the voyage because without it the boat would not move and the young people would not be able to eat or keep their environment clean. Sailing encourages the young people to work together and take responsibility for their own action" - Jas, London

"In spite of extremely bad weather we had a fantastic time and all the students benefited tremendously from the experience. We saw huge gains in independence skills and self-confidence" - Amanda from Staffordshire

"It was one of the most exhilarating, enjoyable and yet demanding experiences of my life. We jelled into a team immediately and the sense of camaraderie lasted the entire week." - Elle from Dorset

The UK Sail Training fleet is made up of a diverse range of vessels from large square rigged ships to powerful round-the-world yachts. So, whatever your dream, you are sure to find one to suit you. As a member of the crew you will actively take part in almost every aspect of the running of the vessel from setting sails to steering, watch-keeping to cooking; you and your team will have an important role to play.

Sail Training is a fun, exciting, adventurous activity. Sailing as part of a team that is responsible for the running of the vessel will open a whole new world of skills, challenges and adventures to you.

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